All the information you need to manage your new weekly plan like a boss.

Quick Links


Here are some quick links to help you easily manage your account. More detailed information included further down!

    Select Your Meals

    Meals can only be selected once payment renewals have processed on Monday morning until Tuesday at midnight.

    Skip a Delivery

    Deliveries can only be skipped once payment renewals have processed on Monday. Once your payment renewal has processed and you have a “credit” on your account, you can then skip as many weeks thereafter as needed!

    Modify, Cancel Subscription

    With our subscriptions, there are no strings attached to modify or cancel your account! More information included at the bottom of this page.

    Manage Your Profile

    Jump onto your account to update your allergies and preferences, view past orders, change your account information, and more.

    Your Subscription Need-To-Knows